Spring Core 4.2 Certification Mock Exam

spring-pro-certFour years ago, I’ve published a first mock exam for the Spring Core 3.0 Certification. Encouraged by Michael and Alan, I’ve updated this free mock exam for the Spring Professional certification based on the Spring Core 4.2 course.

According to the Core Spring 4.2 Certification Study Guide, 3 new topics have been added to the Spring Core 4.2 mock exam: REST, Microservices and Spring Cloud. They replace older topics: JMX, JMS and Remoting.

Test Details

This mock exam is as close as possible to the real Spring Professional certification. You have 90 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. You must answer 38 questions correctly (76%) in order to pass the exam.

Repartition of the questions by topics:

  • Container (13)
  • Test (5)
  • AOP (10)
  • Data Access (5)
  • Transactions (5)
  • Spring MVC (3)
  • Spring Security (3)
  • Microservices (2)
  • REST (2)
  • Spring Cloud (2)

Test Availability

 You have the choice between two formats:

  1. A PDF version of the Spring Core 4.2 mock exam: spring-certification-4_2-mock-exam-antoine.pdf
  2. Online test on GoConqr: www.goconqr.com/en-US/p/4316687-Core-Spring-4-2-Certification-Mock-Exam-quizzes

Please take the test and give me your feedback by blog comments.

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