Enterprise Spring Integration Certification Mock Exam

Last month, I passed the Enterprise Integration with Spring exam (EIwS 1.x) with a score of 90%. This test is also known as Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist exam. Before passing this exam, you have to attend Enterprise Integration with Spring training from SpringSource or a Certified Partner.

In my last blog entry, I have published a french study guide / notes to the exam. Since, I received a few emails asking me some materials in English.

Opposed to the Spring Core Certification, I didn’t find any mock exams for the . So I decided to create a mock exam like I did in my Core Spring 3.0 Certification Mock Exam blog entry.  The questions are close to the real Enterprise Integration with Spring exam and I hope will help you in practicing for the test or to test your Spring Integration proficiently. I have tried to keep my exam accurate, based on my real exam-experience.

Test Details

Twice smaller than the real one, this mock exam is composed of 25 questions. You have 44 minutes to complete it and a minimal score of 76% to reach (19 right questions).

Repartition of the questions by category:

  • Web Services (3)
  • REST (3)
  • Remoting (2)
  • JMS (2)
  • Transaction (2)
  • Spring Batch (5)
  • Spring Integration (8)

Test Availability

 You have the choice between two formats:

  1. A PDF version of the Enterprise Integration with Spring mock exam : enterprise-spring-integration-certification-mock-exam.pdf
  2. Online test on Skill-guru : http://www.skill-guru.com/test/465/spring-integration-certification-mock-exam

Please take the test and give me your feedback by blog comments.

10 thoughts on “Enterprise Spring Integration Certification Mock Exam

  1. Hi,

    Do you have the french study guide notes in english?.
    Your material is very good, but I don’t speak french :-(.

    Best regards,

    Jose Coronel

  2. hi…
    i was wondering about the mark scheme of the exam
    and on this page you have mentioned a specific mark scheme but also said this is half of the exam
    so can i safely assume that the marks that you mentioned here is half of the actual marks that is asked in the exam?

    Also is studying from the study guide and the slides enough or do i need to go through the labs too?
    i would prefer to not go through each lab since it takes a considerable amount of time

    • Compared to this mock exam and its 25 questions, in the real exam, you have 50 multiple-choice questions to answer. However all the main topics of the real exam I passed are covered. Note that I have excluded some minor subjects like Web Services security because I didn’t have any question about.

      Redo the labs is recommended. It’s a good training and that’s what I’ve done to be certified. If you don’t have a lot time, you may choose the lab you want to practice: the framework you didn’t know before having the course, the one you did not understand completely… To prepare for the exame, I have personaly took a look on some Spring reference manuals.

  3. hey antoine
    i was trying out your exam in the skill guru website
    was wondering whether i should expect the same level of difficutly in the real exam or is it going to easier or harder?

    • Hi Roca, I’ve tried to create questions that have the same complexity of the most question. But in the real exam, you have some questions (maybe 10) that I have found very easy.

  4. Hi Antoine, thanks for your blog post ! Very useful for preparing this certification.

    I do not speak French either unfortunately 🙂 It would be great if you will decide to translate that guide !

    Do you know if there is any web exam simulator like the one I used for the Spring Core Certification here.

    Also, have you taken the Spring Web Certification as well ?

    That is going to be my next one but there is not much material on the Internet!

  5. Hello guys,


    I am David the Creator of Spring Mock Exams.


    As you may know Pivotal has updated the Spring Certification from Version 3.2 to Version 4.0.


    So at http://www.springmockexams.com we did the upgrade too!


    Soon our Web Simulator will be released with a new set of Spring Certification Questions that reflect the new CoreSpringV4.0 exam certification.


    Stay tuned and visit: https://www.springmockexams.com/spring/mock/spring-mock-exam.html to see the new CoreSpringV4.0 exam simulator.



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